Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Magnolia #3 from the Magnolias Series by Margot Neuhaus

The photographic work of the Mexican born Margot S. Neuhaus makes reference to the works of the f64 group. Her work in the digital age advocate for the pure un-manipulated straight photography, with sharp-focus, close ups and long tonal range. Similar framework proposed by Alfred Stieglitz signaled the end of the hegemonic Pictorialism movement in photography of the beginning of the century characterized by the use of the darkroom manipulation and specially the soft focus.
Ms. Neuhaus comes from the sculpture realm with strong conceptual component. For her is natural to find the sculptural elements in the close-ups of the Magnolia Series as Edward Weston does in his own work, as well Ms Neuhaus evocation of abstract forms also refers to the early work -1915- of Paul Strand. Ms Neuhaus in her photograph looks for a beautiful print with a mystical sensitivity as Adrian Bianco explains in her essay Nature, Space, and Light for Ms Neuhaus exhibit titled Luminous Silence at the art Museum of the Americas TL Gallery. http://www.museum.oas.org/exhibitions/gsb_exhibitions/neuhaus/index.html
Thanks Fabian.

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  1. Her work really fits. How interesting that you found a local photographer!